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Our School

Carmarthenshire Secondary Teaching and Learning Centre was established to cater for up to 42 young people in Years 7 -11.  Our centre supports young people who have been permanently excluded, or are at risk of exclusion from their mainstream school, and who, in the opinion of the Director for Education and Children, would benefit from a period of support at the Centre.

At Key Stage 3 we aim to prepare our pupils to re-integrate to mainstream school. At Key Stage 4 we prepare our pupils to sit examinations and assessments and prepare for Post 16 opportunities, including entry to college, training courses or the world of work.

We do this by:

  • Promoting, as far as possible, a broad and balanced curriculum in which pupils take an active part in their own learning
  • Recognising the needs of individuals, including any additional learning needs, placing suitable demands on them and stimulating them to achieve success
  • Encouraging pupils to develop lively, enquiring minds and promoting the growth of independence, self-confidence and self-motivation
  • Creating an ordered and friendly community where relationships are positive and founded on courtesy, respect and shared values
  • Developing strong links between home, school and, where appropriate, other relevant agencies.
  • Providing a comprehensive range of programmes, strategies and support services to promote the wellbeing of our pupils


Carmarthenshire Secondary Teaching and Learning Centre,Stepney Road, Burry Port, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA16 0BE
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