Managing the behaviour of our young people is the key duty of every single member of staff. It is ESSENTIAL that all staff work together to ensure that our Behaviour Management Policy is followed consistently.

There is no ‘magic’ strategy to manage behaviour but the most positive way of managing behaviour is to build positive relationships with our pupils based on mutual respect and empathy.  It is our duty to model the behaviour we expect from our pupils.

Please read the centre’s Behaviour Management Policy for full details. This is available on the centres website. Essential points to remember:

Staff must attempt to diffuse any confrontation/challenge

Our ethos is to resolve conflict and find a solution to a problem. We do not follow an ‘us and them’ approach between staff and pupils. We all work together and we all seek to support each other. Empathy for the needs of our young people is essential if we are to make progress building relationships. We are also here to support each other as a whole team of staff and it is essential that support is sought if required.

All staff must use Restorative Approaches as our first course of action when dealing with an incident. (see full Behaviour Management Policy).

If a member of staff gives a pupil ‘time’ for repeatedly breaking an agreed rule or repeatedly behaving in an unacceptable manner it is ONLY that same member of staff who can reduce that time given.  This is in line with restorative approaches where an inappropriate action can be resolved through an agreed action i.e. a pupil apologising, agreeing to complete work they initially refused to engage in and so on.

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