It is essential that we all work together to ensure that the young people who attend the centre can reach their potential.  Although things may not have been working for them in their previous school we really want the pupils to succeed with us.  The only way we can make progress with our pupils is to build relationships built upon mutual respect and trust.

Our staff are paid to provide our young people with an education with the additional understanding and empathy recognising that they attend our centre as mainstream school has not enabled them to engage in their learning positively.

All of our staff fully understand that our pupils may come to the centre feeling negative and sometimes distressed or emotional. We ask that you encourage your child or person in your care to speak to us if they feel unsettled or emotional so that we can plan to support them without conflict and consequences.

We genuinely want to support the pupils. We must work together to achieve this. Our staff should not be subjected to aggressive and abusive language nor should threats or aggressive behaviour towards them be tolerated.  This behaviour would not be tolerated in any workplace and the staff would never treat pupils in that manner.

We hope that by building up supportive and trusting relationships we will be able to make progress together.

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