Reward System

Our pupils need encouragement and motivation to engage and focus in their learning. One of the ways we encourage and praise our pupils for their achievements is by our rewards system.

In addition to the positive praise and verbal encouragement we offer a number of rewards.

1,000 points chart: All pupils are given points throughout the day for good work, positive behaviour, complying with centre rules, additional effort with work and so on.

  • First Prize                  £15.00 gift voucher
  • Second Prize             £10.00 gift voucher
  • Third Prize                 £ 5.00 gift voucher


Raffle Tickets

Pupils cans be given raffle tickets to reward positive behaviour, work and any aspect which deserves merit.  Children are handed the raffle tickets which they write their name on.  The raffle tickets are all placed into a raffle container. During the weekly merit assembly three names are drawn from the raffles. Pupils can choose a reward from the selection available.

To ensure that we are consistent with the number of raffle tickets given the whole staff have agreed that a maximum of 15 raffle tickets can be given in each lesson.



Pupils receive a certificate for 100% attendance together with a choice of reward from the selection available.


Parent/Carer contact

Following briefing at the end of the day we may deem it appropriate to make a phone call home to praise a pupil if they have had a particularly good day or there is a positive piece of information to pass on.


End of Term Activities

Pupils who have shown positive improvements and made consistent efforts in both their work and behaviour may be invited to attend an off-site activity.  

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